Rejoice Hockey Fans: We’re Getting 10 Battles of Alberta This Season

I am ready for chaos to reign once more.

The NHL’s schedule is finally here and without a doubt, I’m going to be watching a lot of Flames hockey this year. Not only will they have the Tkachuk brothers throwing hands nine times this season, but we’re getting ten Battle of Alberta’s! TEN

After the past legendary goalie fight and overall fight fest, this is only bound to get more intense. I love this sport for the rivalries and fights so this is a match made in heaven for me. I won’t miss a single one of these games.

Not to mention if we get a little Tkachuk scuffle, that would be delightful. Sibling fights happen all the time, now just add in extra money on a National stage. If I played against one of my brothers in the NHL, you bet your ass I’d be in their ear every. single. second. There’s nine chances for one to happen this year but make sure Big Walt is on a Livestream for it.

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