NWHL Will Have All Female Officials For the 2021 Bubble Season

The NWHL is full of big news this week. The league just announced yesterday that their Isobel Cup semifinals and finals will be broadcast on NBCSN and now the league has announced that they will have an all-female officiating staff for the 2021 Bubble season. With the help of USA Hockey, the NWHL will have these 10 officials in the Bubble:

  • Sarah Buckner
  • Erika Greenen
  • Kendall Hanley
  • Alicia Hanrahan
  • Jacqueline Howard
  • Jamie Huntley-Park
  • Jackie Spresser
  • Amanda Tassoni
  • Mackenzie Welter
  • Laura White

The NWHL has always been a league that has focused on the importance of showcasing how women are just as competent in every facet of a sport (commissioners, coaches, players, refs, etc.) so having these ladies officiate is a big deal. I’ve brought up time and time again how this year has been big for women in sports and this is another trophy for the case. The good news just seems to keep coming from the NWHL and I bet this isn’t the last we’ve heard.

We’re exactly one month away from women’s hockey being back and I seriously cannot wait. Good things are coming and 2021 will be off to the best start. Stay tuned for more!

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Featured Image: Michelle Jay

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