Saturday Is For Hockey

Day 1 of being an NCAA Hockey fan was a bit of a bust for me. I was rooting for Notre Dame, hyping them up all week, and then they just got shutout by Wisconsin, 2-0. Rough start but tomorrow is a new day. With a new day, brings new hockey.

Sure we got another Notre Dame and Wisconsin match-up that night but at 3PM ET (it better be ET because timezones have fucked me up today) the University of Michigan will start their season with a game against Arizona State. I’m waiting on this one before I say shit about how I think they’re gonna play. I haven’t looked deep into all the players and this blog would never get written if I did so instead, I’mma wait until tomorrow to tell you who I think the big players will be this season.

BUT personally, I love Michigan, I don’t know why but I do so I pick them to win. Call it intuition, that’s my pick.

If Michigan loses, I’m never making a bet again

Wisconsin and Notre Dame will play once more tomorrow night but this time the games will be up on NHL Network, 7PM CT. I think Notre Dame will be able to come back and even this series. Tonight was their wake-up call, tomorrow is go time. So go Fighting Irish!

I can’t wait for it to be like 2PM CT tomorrow. I’ll be able to throw on the game with the doors and windows open, a hot as fuck Dunkin coffee in my hand while I got some cawlidge hawkey on my TV. What a glorious way to spend the Saturday afternoon. You also bet your ass I’m gonna be blogging and tweeting the whole time so follow me and Ham Sports to keep up.

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