Women’s Hockey Will Be On This Weekend! Tune In!

Friday night and Saturday afternoon, we’ll have some women’s hockey to watch and I couldn’t be more excited.

The PWHPA’s New Hampshire Hub will be playing against a team affiliated with the Islanders HC and we’ll be able to watch for free on this site. In the time since the start of quarantine, I fell off the wagon with updating the latest players joining the PWHPA. But the association has added an abundance of new talent to their rosters. Their players are listed on the PWHPA’s website but they don’t have it sectioned by which players are where. I imagine there will be a number of big names playing in these games.

I’m very excited to see the PWHPA back on the ice and offering viewings of the games for free. This brings in more eyes on their league and their message. During quarantine, I feel like I’ve seen the NWHL be more proactive and attentive than the PWHPA. One massive difference was their social medias. The NWHL’s socials are run by talented people who interact and create a sense of community. Meanwhile, the PWHPA tweeted mostly updates and not much else. If you want to grow your league’s fanbase, you need to create a sense of unity and fellowship. The PWHPA just had a dry feed so you might have lost people there.

Therefore, they really need to promote the shit out of this series. Their mission is to build a stable league for future female hockey players – well now that you’re starting off a fresh chapter after Rona, it’s time to get the word out. So here we are: me telling you to watch these games Friday and Saturday evening. The PWHPA’s mission is a big deal and I think it will be good for the game. Not to mention, this league is legit. Their players are phenomenal and entertaining as hell to watch. Tell your friends, tell your parents, tune in to the PWHPA’s return this weekend- you won’t regret it!

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Featured Image: David Kirouac/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

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