The Islanders Hold On To Fight Another Game

Wowza! The Islanders win Game 5 in the second overtime and live to fight another day. Jordan Eberle was the one to seal the deal in that 2nd OT tonight but let’s talk about what went down before that.

The game was very back and forth. In the first period, Ryan Pulock got the Islanders on the board first with a goal 15:41 into the game. The Isles kept that lead until Victor Hedman, ever the great defenseman he is, tied it 4 minutes into the 2nd. The score remained there for the rest of Regulation. So of course, as you do in hockey, the game went into overtime but for Tampa, just one overtime is never enough for them. There were good chances on both side but in the end, it was Mr. Jordan Eberle who ended the game and save the Islanders season.

I know, I know, I shit all over the Islanders just 2 days ago but I will say that I’m very happy they’re pushing back against Tampa. My Stars advanced last night, I prefer they play the Islanders over the Lightning. As for Thursday’s game, I do wonder if the Isles can keep this ball rolling. A big Game 6 will be heavy to carry but if the Lightning have Point back and shake this loss, I think they’ll end it there. There were numerous times throughout the game and OT where the Lightning could have ended it but they just missed those chances. I think by Thursday, they might snap those up and we’ll see the series end.

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