The Dallas Stars Will Face the Tampa Bay Lightning In the Stanley Cup Final

The time has finally come. The New York Islanders have been eliminated and the Tampa Bay Lightning are advancing on to the Stanley Cup Final. Starting Saturday, the 7-Game series between the Stars and the Islanders will kickoff and I am not prepared.

I wholeheartedly think the Stars can Do The Thing but having to watch every game leading up to it will just kill me inside a bit more. I do have a feeling that we’re going to have to sit through a lot of overtime in this series. The Stars are 5-0 in overtime these playoffs and the Lightning are 7-1. They’ve both pushed to OT so much this playoffs that it is bound to continue on. At least in the regular season the Stars beat the Lighting both times they played one another so that is a comforting thought. Jamie Benn had the OT GWG so I’m liking that.

I’m not really interested in looking at the Stats and Analytics for this series because, well, look what happened between Dallas and Vegas. I’m waiting until Game 1 to really analyze how this is gonna go.

The superstitious side of my brain is riveting at this one though – usually you don’t touch the Prince of Whales or the Campbell trophy, it’s bad luck. Well, the lightning touched it. Back in 2015, when they faced the Blackhawks in the Stanley Cup Finals, they didn’t touch the trophy so I guess they’re trying to tip the scale in their favor.

Well the Blackhawks are my first team and they beat the Lightning in 2015. Then last season, I told people in Tampa that I had the Lightning winning the Cup and they lost, hilariously. Now, they’re facing my second team, the Stars, in the Stanley Cup Final. I’m pretty sure I’m Tampa’s anti-Christ so, as superstitions go, I’m feeling confident in my Stars. They just had a 4 day break from the game and now we get to start fresh in this grueling final stretch. I’m feeling good right now. The full schedule is below but safe to say Saturday night, I will be a nervous wreck. Stay tuned to see me lose it.

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