Alex Tuch Has Been Hot This Playoffs

Go Canucks but credit where credit is due. Alex Tuch has been, IMO, the Vegas Golden Knights biggest standout player this playoffs. He’s been their clutch guy who picks up goals when they need it most, he’s had one in every game per series so far. He’s been a real wildcard on the roster because he was definitely not the guy I had pinned to be their top player right now.

In 11 games, Tuch has 9 points (7G 2A). This has been a big time for the 24-year-old. I remember when I went to a Chicago Wolves game, Vegas’ AHL team, the crowd there loved him. There were a lot of Tuck’s GN jerseys in the crowd. He’s played 200 regular season games with 106 points (43G 63A). He’s currently on a seven-year, $33.25 million dollar contract. Even with how good he is and how much he’s played with Vegas, I didn’t expect him to be this big in this series. He’s been the go to goal scorer with Vegas instead of the usual Mark Stone or Paul Stastny.

The Canucks and Golden Knights just finished Game 3 with the score 3-0 Vegas. I want the Canucks to win this series. Even though they’re being led 1-2 now, I think they can still pull it off. Either way, Tuch is gonna be a big problem for them in the new few games.

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Featured Image: NHL

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