Get the Tissues Ready: Oskar Lindblom Skates With Flyers in Game 4 Warmups

The last time we saw Oskar Lindblom on NHL ice was back in December of 2019. On December 13th, he announced that he had been diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at just 23-years-old. He stepped away from the game and got treatment for the cancer. In July, Oskar completed his treatment and by August he was packing up to go to the bubble with his team, the Philadelphia Flyers.

Today, Lindblom skated in warmups with his team for the first time since December. Although he hasn’t played since December 7th and he wasn’t in the lineup tonight, just seeing him back on the ice was encouraging and heartwarming. It probably felt amazing to be back on the ice with his team. You know that the boys had to have been fired up to have him back out there. I love the little hug that Joel Farabee gave him before they hit the ice.

Cancer is a bitch and this kid has been through hell. It really was a tearjerker to see him back out there with the team, doing what he loves after such a rough year. Who knows if he’ll be able to play in these playoffs, the Flyers are on the brink of elimination with Game 5 Tuesday. They could throw him in the lineup if he’s well enough, but we won’t really be sure until Game day.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from video above

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