RIP Chadwick Boseman

2020 has taken too many good things from this world and tonight, it has taken another. Actor and hero Chadwick Boseman has passed away from Stage IV colon cancer at just 43 years old.

I have been in literal tears since the news broke because the universe is just so God damn unfair and it pisses me off so much.

Boseman was – no, IS – a hero to millions of people around the globe. He gave life to the superhero Black Panther, who was the first major Marvel superhero that was a person of colour. He played roles like Jackie Robinson in “42”, James Brown in “Get on Up”, and Thurgood Marshall in “Marshall”. He inspired millions to follow their dreams and fight for equality. He spent countless hours bringing joy and hope to the people who needed it most. And during all of that, he was battling colon cancer, behind closed doors. He was an honest to God, real life superhero.

Videos of Boesman talking about children he had known who passed away from cancer have begun popping up on Twitter. Watching them now and knowing that he too was battling cancer absolutely breaks my heart.

He deserved a full lifetime of happiness. He deserved to be on this Earth and to keep inspiring people everyday. The universe is so unfair that I can’t even fathom it sometimes. This is one of those times. Rest in peace, Chadwick Boseman. Your fight, your bravery, and your roles will continue to inspire people for generations to come. Gone but never forgotten.

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