Flyers Hire Tortorella First Thoughts

LIVE FROM SHE-NANNIGANS, CHICAGO, IL — I am currently on-the-go with no time to get deep into what this will do the the Philadelphia Flyers. We know the Flyers are an absolute shitshow, we all know that. However, John Tortorella becoming the Flyers coach is going to create some great videos this season.

One of the Flyers biggest problems this season was how undisciplined the Flyers’ game was. Torts is the kind of guy that will have a lot to say when he walks into that room. Here’s some of his track record:

However, I’m sure a few players will not be happy to see a familiar face. Can Atkinson played for Tortorella in Columbus and did not seem to enjoy his time under that leadership, and some other Blue Jackets agreed:

Either way, the next few days as this plays out shall be interesting. I’ll do a deeper dive later but off the hop? Shit is about to get real interesting in the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

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Featured Image: Gene J. Puskar/AP

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