Elias Pettersson is a Beast

I was mid-way through writing a blog about Alex Tuch and Elias Pettersson said “nah, this is my league.”

It’s the second intermission of the Vancouver-Vegas Game 2 and Elias Pettersson already has 3 points. I’ve had my beef with Pettersson, specifically after his hit on Ryan Hartman in the Vancouver-Wild series. Hartman isa local boy and very near and dear to my heart. SO when I thought Pettersson concussed him into next year, I was mad and declared that I have a personal vendetta here. Now, I am prepared to dissolve my beef with him in exchange for him continuing to embarrass the Golden Knights like this.

IMO, this 21 year old, 6’2″, 175 lbs hockey prodigy has more talent in him than half of the Golden Knights roster does combine. He’s got silky hands, insane hockey IQ, and an ass that don’t quit. He’ll get the puck to the net and make sure it’s behind the goalie before he rests. Watching Vancouver is fun and Pettersson is one reason why.

This whole playoffs he’s been electric to watch almost every night and today is no exception. So for in 11(.5) games, he’s wracked up 16 points (5G 11A)! 3 of those points came from the 2 assists and a goal he has tonight. There is still another 20 to be played so I won’t be surprised if he gets another point or two. He might have went -2 the other night but he’s back now and he’s hungry.

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