NHL21 Will Have Off Ice Play, I want GTA: CHEL

It’s times like this where I wish I stuck with video game development because I would have made a GTA: CHEL without a second thought.

The newest NHL game will, allegedly, have an “off ice” type of play that I am dying to know more about. The other day when a certain trailer came out, showing the clip above, it immediately brought me back to GTA: San Andres, a game of my childhood. I thought the camera was gonna shift to over his shoulder and he was going to walk like CJ to a stall. Thus creating this small little idea of a GTA styles NHL game.

Imagine it. You play as an NHL player (or various ones like in GTA5), you go through some of the daily routines of game day, outside life, dealing with that level of stardom and peer pressure. You interact with teammates and build those relationships. Maybe like a mix of GTA and Sims, you can talk to anyone you want but you can control everything like GTA.

I also think discipline would be funny as hell. The team fines are still a thing. The “star system” of the GTA games still apply too. If you miss team breakfast (looking at you Seguin sorry) then you get one star. Then for various offenses (missing practice, late to game, get caught doin something you’re not supposed to by fans on social) there are different star levels like in GTA. Talk shit about the officiating? 5 Stars and Gary Bettman is on your ass. Just like real life.

It would be such an interesting game. Plus, media and fans are enthralled with the lives of players behind the scenes, give it a juicy story line and you’re good to fucking go. I’d seriously pay $60 to play the shit out of that game. If anyone who knows how to make this happen, hit me up I have so many ideas for this. I won’t build it but I’ll add to the lore in my head.

One last note: Imagine the haircuts.

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Featured Image: NHL Logo and GTA logo

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