Stephen Johns Deserves the Masterton So Damn Much (Part 2)

I’ve written one time already about how Stephen Johns is one of my top two picks for the Masterton this season. Now, after Sean Shapiro published a new article about Johns, he’s my #1 pick. Hands down. No contest.

I am a chump who pays for the Athletic but articles like this are exactly why I do it. Shapiro posted an article today that took an in-depth look at what happened with Johns, physically and mentally, during the 22-month injury he had.

I cried so much while reading it.

The article goes into Johns’s search for answers regarding his concussion and post-traumatic headaches. Reaching out to doctors, running tests, living in such uncertainty every day. But this goes so much deeper than the surface.

Johns opens up about mental health, specifically about his depression and suicidal thoughts. Opening up and talking about mental health is so damn difficult, even with just friends and family. For him to talk about it on such a big platform is so damn brave. I won’t reveal too much because I want you to go, read this article and learn about Johns’s experiences in his own words. I’ve been saying it time and time again- Stephen Johns is a God Damn hero. He better win the Masterton’s it’s season.

If you want to read the full article- which I highly recommend, read it here. I’m not even recommending it to you, I’m telling you to go read it right now.

Go. Right now.

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