Start this Week Off With Saying Yes to Life

This has been, without a doubt, the longest week of my life.

Between the election drama, it getting dark at 4 PM, and overall boredom- I’m shocked Halloween was only 7 days ago. Now, we’re starting off fresh this week. Not to be too Gen Z but we’re manifesting some fucking positivity this week and that starts with good music.

I found this band, Gangs of Youth, through their song “Achilles Come Down” (I’m a stressed out bisexual so don’t be surprised it’s my favorite song right now) and the entire album the song is on is a banger.

The one specific song to start with is “Say Yes To Life“. It closes the album “Go Further in Lightness” but it’s a great song to end your Sunday/start your Monday with. The song is big on living your life to the fullest, through the pain and joy, and I think it’s just a great one to throw on when the going get’s rough.

New week, new opportunities, let’s have a good one.

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