New Favorite Hobby: Napping in the Sunlight like a Fat Cat

We’ve all seen a little cat just zonked out in a path of sunlight and before my destroyed quarantine sleep schedule, I never got the appeal. I wasn’t a big nap person and I also don’t like the sun so what’s the point?

via drbookspan

I have blackout curtains so my room would never get sunlight. Now because I work from here so much, I leave the curtains open for a bit during the day. The one problem is that every day around 2PM my energy crashes and I end up taking a big nap. Well from about 3PM-7PM, the sunlight hits just perfectly where I sleep when I’m taking a nap with the curtain open.

Now, I understand why cats sleep in any patch of light they can get. 

When you’re napping in the sun, everything is cozy and ya feel like you have nothin’ to do for the rest of the day. It’s the best. That’s the only new habit I’m going to develop over quarantine is napping in the sun.

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Featured Image: Kirbie

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