Flyers Offense Stays Chilly In 0-3 Loss To Leafs

Flyers fell 3-0 to the Toronto Maple Leafs tonight. The Flyers were pretty dead for the majority of this game, their power play was non-existent but Carter Hart did his damn best to keep the team in it. He can only do so much.

The Flyers did, in my opinion, get screwed on the first goal of the game. It was (allegedly) “deflected” in off William Nylander’s skate. I thought it should have stayed “no-goal” because there is a distinct kicking motion and goals have been called back for less. Whatever, have a look:

Nylander would get another goal in the 3rd period. This time on the power play. And about 10 minutes after that, Ondřej Kaše put the nail in the coffin to set the score 3-0. The score remained there for the rest of the game.

Not too many positives coming out of this game. The offense is turning colder by the game. Joel Farabee is going on 8 games without a point. He’s developed himself into something special, like a matchstick. When he strikes things heat up. Him going cold is always bad news for the entire offense. The power play was atrocious tonight, PK was 2/3. They had 4 chances on the power play and did fuck all with them. We move onto Carolina next and they have to figure out how to get scoring hot again if they wanna go anywhere.

Now I’ll leave my closing thoughts to Carter Hart. Only lively player out there, with 30 saves on 33 shots. Therefore please enjoy him staring down Nylander and diving across the net.

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