Connecticut Whale Are Going All in This Season

The Connecticut Whale have been left in the dust the past few seasons.

Shannon Doyle Doing One Last Tour in the NWHL Captain Shannon Doyle has announced that this will be her final season in the NWHL. The 6 season veteran has been with the league since its formation but she just said that this upcoming season will be her last. She said that this season she wants to chase the Isobel Cup like never before. … Continue reading Shannon Doyle Doing One Last Tour in the NWHL

Shortman’s Hockey Corner – Episode 11

In Episode 11 of Shortman's Hockey Corner, Shortman talks about Colby Cave, more NWHL re-signings, Patrick Kane and Drew Doughty's quotes to the media. Shortman also talks about her dislike for "canceled culture" and it's toxicity. To close up the episode, she brings up a question for the audience.