About Us

Welcome to Ham Sports!

Ham Sports was created on October 6th, 2018 by Shortman Hams. She had 0 friends who cared about sports and in order to prevent talking her family’s ears off, she created this blog.

Since the site’s founding, Shortman’s brother Jake and their cousin Mike have joined on to bring even more entertainment and sports commentary. Mike and Jake host the podcast “Ham Radio” that drops every Wednesday.

You can follow our social media here:

Main Twitter: @ham_sports

Main Instagram: @ham_sports_ig

Ham Radio’s Twitter: @HamRadioPod

Shortman (hair colour varying)

Hello, my name is Shortman. I am a high school graduate, big hockey fan, and creator of Ham Sports. I’m here everyday yelling about more than just sports- be it TV shows, some bullshit penalty, or current events. Would be a Wild West Cowboy if given the chance. Doesn’t like St. Louis in general.

My Twitter and Instagram are @shortman_hams