No Better Hype Man Than Avs’ Fans

In January of 2022, I went out west to Denver, Colorado, and went to an Avalanche game in Ball Arena. That night they played the Montreal Canadiens who hadn’t even won 10 games on the season yet. Meanwhile, the Avs were 28-8-3 on the season so this was looking like an easy W. However I forget I am a mush so, of course, this game ended up going to overtime meaning that I didn’t get to experience the absolutely thrilling tradition at Ball Arena where fans sing “All The Small Things” together in the third period when the Avalanche have the lead. And ooooooh boy am I extra sad about that one now:

What a CROWD! Every night the Avalanche play at home, that barn is absolutely rocking. And it has every reason to be. Their team currently has a vice grip on the reigning Cup Champs and last night was the perfect example of it. A 7-0 win at home headed into Game three had the entire crowd reminding the Avalanche that no matter what, they have their backs. The Avalanche have obviously played great at home to start this series, they’re leading it 2-0 with 11 goals scored by the Avalanche and just 3 allowed against them. But now they’ll be heading into the trenches across the country in Tampa Bay, Florida. The Avs fans seemed to make sure that they remembered their support as they prepare to play their first Stanley Cup Final game in enemy territory.

I’m hoping we get videos of some Avs fans singing in Tampa, that would be delightful.

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