Avalanche Slam Tampa in 7-0 Game 2 Win

Go. Avs. Go!!!! That’s all I can say.

The Colorado Avalanche put an absolute Smackdown on the Tampa Bay Lightning tonight. With a 7-0 final, it was all Avalanche all the time.

I’ve been saying this whole time how the Avalanche have the energy. They are here to win. They’ve been the losers time and time again and they’re not going to let people think that anymore. The Avs outshot the Lightning 30-16, they took advantage of every small chance they got and it ended with them shit kicking the reigning Cup Champs in Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Game three is thankfully just a day away, Monday night at 7PM CT. I hated the two days between Game one and Game two, get me right back to this series. Right back to this rivalry. They’ll now have to win in Tampa’s barn but I have all the faith in them to do it.

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Featured Image: Colorado Avalanche Twitter 

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