Rangers Fall In Game 6

We have the 2022 Stanley Cup final matchup set. The Tampa Bay Lightning will be facing the Colorado Avalanche in this year’s Stanley Cup Final after the Lightning took out the Rangers in game 6 tonight.

Steven Stamkos was the hero of tonight’s Lightning win. He scored one goal in the second period. The Rangers were able to bounce back and at least tie things in the late 3rd on the power play. Stamkos had other ideas though as he scored the winning dagger at the 13:28 mark.

It was an absolutely heartbreaking way for the Rangers’ season to end. I was hoping they’d complete the comeback and at least make it to the Final. Now I am going to have to deal with the Lightning in another Final against one of my favorite teams. Regardless, this shall be an interesting Final. In the 2 games these two played in the regular season, the Avalanche came away with both victories, outscoring the Lightning 7 to 5. They’ll be set to start on Wednesday night so you bet your ass I’ll be cheering on the Avs with everything I got.

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Featured Image:  New York Rangers Twitter

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