2/3 Of Dad Line Get In Some Summer Exercise

What’s better than this? Just guys being dads. Dylan Strome and Alex DeBrincat have always been best buddies before teammates. This goes way back to their Erie Otter days when these two along with Connor McDavid (ever heard of him) were lighting up the OHL on that infamous line. The two have been almost inseparable ever since.

Nowadays, they’re kicking ass for the Chicago Blackhawks. Since we first got Strome, he’s been one of my favorites. His whole career changed with that trade to Chicago. He spent most of his time in the AHL before getting shipped here. In his 4th season as a Blackhawk, Strome was 4th on the team in points with 48 – 22 goals and 26 assists in 69 games played. His best buddy DeBrincat was 2nd in points with 78 – 41 goals and 37 assists in all 82 games. And after that long disastrous season, they’re still side by side. Instead of skating, they’re taking a little stroll with the kids. Ya love to see it.

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Featured Image:  Dylan Strome's Instagram

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