“Harry’s House” Is Here And I Already Feel This Album Consuming My Life

The day has finally arrived. Harry Styles has released his third album. Harry’s House came out at 11PM CT last night but I have been waiting to sit down and focus entirely on the album. The thrill of going into a new album is not knowing what ones are going to be the biggest part of your life. I am about to go into this album (almost) completely blind. I have listened to “As It Was”, I have not at all listened to “Boyfriend” or any other songs he performed at Coachella. I skipped every fricken Tiktok that had a leaked song in it. I wanted to wait for this moment. Without further ado, here are my thoughts on some songs I’m about to listen to that can change the whole directory of my summer/life.


The whispering scared the shit out of me at the beginning, ngl. Overall though just a great song to fuckin dance to. The song has coke in it because that beat is just addicting.


This song, had it come out in December, would have been the anthem to my Denver trip in January. This song plays in my head like a movie. I am excited to see if he makes this one a music video. If so, I got ideas.


I was not fucking prepared to be shot in the jugular at 3:04 am but here we are. This will be the song that does a number on the ol mental health. From the first verse, I knew this one was going to be deep. I need to listen to it another 13 times. Following this up with Cinema was criminal as well. I was not in the mood for a jazzy lil sexy song after THAT.


If I am not dancing in a Chicago Gay bar to this song with a $10 drink in my hand by this time next month, I’ve lost. I can almost picture it clear as day. Dancing with my friends to this in a half-packed bar in the June heat is what I have been waiting years for.

Love Of My Life

I have so many choice words I want to say that I will get bullied for publically. All I am saying is ‘LS’.

I love the sound of this album, it feels different from in the past but not in a bad way. Not to mention that these songs are going to sound phenomenal live. The music videos are going to be artwork. Excuse my lack of musical knowledge but the mixture of different instruments and sounds – like the rockin guitars in contrast to the backwards sounds and autotuned voices at points – all of that mixes perfectly. He’s got a mix of dancing songs and absolute tearjerkers. It’s what I hoped it would be. Harry could never disappoint me really. He has been my baby forever. I am openly still a massive Directioner and I’ll support those babes till the day I die. I love this album a lot, I can’t wait to know every word.

I feel like I need to let this album absorb my life for me to really soak it up more. I never really get hit hard by songs when I hear them the first time but the ones above really did it. I have to go all the way into the city for work in a few hours but honestly, I’m going to listen to Matilda four more times before I sleep. Then Grapejuice on the train in the morning.

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