Stars Fall In Game Seven BUT We’re Getting A Battle of Alberta Playoff Series Now

Well, the Dallas Stars season has come to an end. I am once again conflicted.

The Dallas Stars are one of my favorite teams and I wanted good things for them in these playoffs. I wanted them to push as far as they could in the playoffs. After losing in the Stanley Cup Final and then completely missing the playoffs the next season, I just wanted them to make it into the playoffs and give it their all. They did just that too. They pushed this series to seven games and they hung in there until the final minutes. Of course, it took all the way until OT for this team to go down.

The story of last night for me was the Stars’ goaltender. Jake Oettinger was the lifeline of this team. He was the reason they made it this far and stuck with it. A 23-year-old kid who was their third-string guy at the start of the season ended up keeping them in this fight for a long time. Yesterday alone he was their pillar to stand on. He faced 67 shots in net and he only allowed 3 goals! At one point, going into OT, there were over 100 shot attempts from the Calgary Flames. Oettinger deserved an award for last night alone, here are some of the best saves he made:

Every time the camera showed him after Johnny Gaudreau’s shot went in, it broke my heart. This kid gave his all, he deserved to be on the winning side of this.

This season was pretty good for the Stars. They battled adversity and found their way out of it every time. They’ll have some changes to make before next season but for now, I’m not too mad with them. They played well and bounced back after last season, that’s all I was hoping for.

That being said, the Battle of Alberta? In the PLAYOFFS?! I am so excited. These games are always bloody and electric, I’m excited for another seven-game installment. The first round of playoffs is over and it’s looking like we’re moving into a heated second round now. These games are about to find a way to get more thrilling than the first round.

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