Rangers Bite Back And Defeat The Penguins In Game Seven OT

The New York Rangers are moving on!! After coming back from a 3-1 deficit, the Rangers fought their way to a second-round appearance. This win comes from the phenomenal goal that the legendary Artemi Panarin scored in OT earlier today. That beautiful Russian bastard did this:

I cannot believe Stan Bowman traded him for Brandon Saad. I cried that day and I cry now. Panarin is just such an amazing player, you can’t help but to be jealous.

The Rangers really deserved to win this one. They were down 3-1 and fought back to force a game seven, at home! They didn’t let the dark times overrun them, they didn’t give up the fight. In tonight’s win, they had all of their top guys there making things happen. They’ll be taking on a goliath in Carolina. It will be a tough series but being the underdog isn’t new to them.

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Featured Image:  New York Rangers Twitter

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