End Of An Era: Patrick Marleau Has Retired

This is truly the end of an era. The legendary Patrick Marleau has announced that he is hanging up his skates after 23 years in the NHL. He set the record for most NHL games ever played at 1,779 games. In those years, he collected 1,197 points, 566 goals and 631 assists. He spent most of those 23 years with the SanJose Sharks. He did a little 2-year stint parenting the young guys up in Toronto and then spent 8 games down in Pittsburgh chasing a chance at the Cup.

It was the one thing I had always wanted for Marleau, to win the Cup. He spent so long fighting to win it and came close a time or two with SanJose. It breaks my heart he never got to do it but I’m sure he’s thankful for his career. He was always a great guy on and off the ice, he took a lot of young players under his wing. Patrick Marleau is sincerely a role model for any young player.

He wrote a lovely letter for The Players’ Tribute as well, reflecting on his years in the NHL. I’ll miss him dearly. I’m happy for him and his family to continue the next chapter of his life.

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