Auston Matthews Wins Back-To-Back Rocket Richards

Auston Matthews has won his second straight Rocket Richard. The league had to hold off on making the announcement official because we had that measly Winnipeg vs Seattle game earlier today. Despite having to wait for it to officially be called, we all knew that no one on those teams was remotely close to passing him.

As I mentioned, the 24-year-old Matthews has his second Richard in a row. He won last year after scoring 41 goals in 52 games. This year, he blew those stats out of the water with his best season yet. He passed 100 points for the first time, finishing the season with 106 points, 60 goals and 46 assists, in 73 games. It’s crazy that last season he won the Richard with 41 goals but this season 4 players passed the 50-goal mark. He had a healthy 5-goal lead over Leon Draisaitl, who had 55 goals. Chris Kreider followed them with 52 goals and Alex Ovechkin finished with 50.

Matthews is going to need to keep this scoring up in the playoffs if the Leafs want a chance to see the second round. I talked more in-depth about that first-round matchup here so I won’t talk your ear off about it again. I desperately want to see Matthews at regular season strength in the playoffs. I want to see him lighting the lamp and making shit interesting. Hopefully, this second Richard will give him that extra boost to make it happen.

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Featured Image:  Toronto Maple Leafs Twitter

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