Matty Beniers Has 5 Points In His First 5 NHL Games

Matty Beniers is unstoppable!

Sing Michigan’s ungraceful fall in the Frozen Four, Matty Beniers did not take a single second to slow down. Since signing with the Seattle Kraken, Beniers has put up 5 points in his first 5 NHL games. He has 3 goals and 2 assists with an average of 17 minutes per game. His most recent one comes as a power-play goal in the 3rd period of the Kraken vs Wild game:

The 19-year-old forward just has no off button. He put up 43 points (20G 23A) in his final 37 games with Michigan. Since joining the Kraken he has been an immediate game-changer for them. The Kraken are 3-2-1 in that time which is better than most of their stints this season. They beat the beasts in Colorado on Wednesday but they just fell 3-6 to the Wild. They have almost no playoff hopes and watching what they do in the offseason should be interesting. One thing is clear though, they need to keep Matty B around if they want to build a franchise.

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Featured Image: Seattle Kraken's Twitter

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