A Handcrafted 420 Playlist By Yours Truly

I was blessed to grow up with two older brothers that introduced me to incredible music. To this day, whenever I find a new great song, it’s usually because of them. Well today, on this great holiday of 4/20, I am going to share with you a playlist that should help your festivities.

Literally Any Song Off “Stadium Arcadium”

I was blessed enough to be raised on this album. Some of my earliest memories have a song off Stadium Arcadium playing in the background. The Red Hot Chili Peppers have such a special place in my heart. From Anthony Keidis’s beautiful lyrics, John Frusciante serenading absolutely beautiful cords with his guitar, and ya know, Flea – everything about them is phenomenal.

I am also putting their full concert live at Slane Castle here because it’s incredible:

Cocaine Jesus – Rainbow Kitten Surprise

Originally I was going to make this playlist all throwbacks but this song is too good to leave out. This is my top song at the moment. Just do yourself a favor, put headphones in, and listen to this one. If you have religious trauma like I do, you’ll love this one.

White House Road – Tyler Childers (OurVinyl Session)

My brother Jake told me about Tyler Childers forever ago but I completely forgot his name. I am so sad that I wasted so many days of my life not listening to Tyler Childers. Recently, we’ve had a lot of White House Road playing in the garage and it always hits. Specifically this version:

Kate McCannon – Colter Wall

This one falls under a “literally any Colter Wall song” heading but specifically Kate McCannon. The story, the music, the violin build up! Ladies and gentlemen, HIM! Colter knows how to write a damn good song. I am so sad I never got to see him in concert because the way he puts his all into singing this one is incredible:

Seven Nation Army – The White Stripes

This song is a pillar in the Hamilton house. This song has been my anthem since I was like 6. My brothers performed this song with their band and I ate that shit up. Any situation you need a hype song for: Seven Nation Army is one of the best ways to go. PLUS: Great video when you’re high.

Vienna – Billy Joel

I just found out about this song and it’s ruined my life. In the best way possible. I am constantly freaking out about not moving fast enough in life that I need to be reminded to slow down. Thank you for that Billy Joel. This is your chance, reader, to take the phone off the hook and disappear for a while.

Maybe you’re sitting there thinking “wow this is a lot of depressing music with random songs mixed in that invoke a God Complex” and you’d be right. That’s how I roll baby. Music is so important to everything in my life. I love listening to songs that tell a story, something you learn from. That being said, deep music is 10 times better when you’re high. Enjoy 4/20 responsibly my friends.

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Featured Image: CHRIS GRAHAM

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