You Gotta Love Brady Tkachuk And Josh Norris

Honestly, Brady Tkachuk just keeps getting better.

Just last week, the Captain joined a group of neighborhood kids to play some hockey after he just played in an NHL game. This week, he’s singing “Mr. Brightside” at the bar after a game. Him and his buddy Josh Norris teamed up for a lovely rendition of The Killer’s classic song. This is after both of them had an assist and 22 minutes on the ice in their team’s 5-4 OT loss to the Maple Leafs. You love to see this. Their both young guys just living it up playing pro hockey. So many young players nowadays hide their personalities it’s nice to see these guys have fun.

These guys in Ottawa are just good guys. They’re young leaders in the community as well. It’s very different from how things seemed to be years ago. Their next game is tomorrow night against the Seattle Kraken, I’m sure Tkachuk will add a few points to his season.

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Featured Image: Screenshot from this video

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