Lafreniere Breaks His 8-Game Point Drought With A Beauty

Alexis Lafreniere pulled off a dirty goal earlier today. In the Rangers’s 4-0 win over the Red Wings today, Lafreniere, who had 2 goals in the game, capped the game off with an absolute beauty you just have to see.

Five minutes into the third period, Lafreniere snapped an 8-game point drought with a nice little goal. That is not even the goal I want to show you today but regardless have a look:

That goal seemed to propel him into another spectacular goal. In the dying minutes of the 3rd period, Lafreniere takes control of the puck, splits the D, and pulls a dirty between the legs goal that just melts your brain. Not to mention, he looks like he barely breaks a sweat pulling it off.

That’s Laffy’s 16th and 17th goals of the season. He’s had a bit of a rough time but the Rangers are overall killing it. They’ve clinched their playoff spot, their top guys are setting records. Now if they’re getting Lafreniere going, things are just looking up for their playoff hopes.

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Featured Image: New York Rangers Twitter

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