Hartman’s “Fine Fund” Raised $30,500 For Charity

Ryan Hartman is a certified good guy in my book.

If you remember, two days ago I told you about Ryan Hartman receiving a $4,250 fine from the NHL’s Player Safety for flipping the bird at that scumbag Evander Kane. Kane’s ex-wife Anna later posted that she sent Hartman $200 to cover his fine. Some other people jumped on the idea and sent Hartman some money via Venmo.

Hartman then took to Twitter and said that while he appreciates the love, any money he gets he’ll be donating to the money to Children’s Minnesota.

So as it is now past that 7pm deadline, Hartman has released the official total amount. Minnesota fans have helped him raise $30,5000 for the Children’s Minnesota, $4,250 of which was donated by Hartman himself.

I have loved Hartman forever. I loved him as a Blackhawk and was so sad to see him go. He’ll scrap, he’ll stand up for his teammates, but he’s also a certified great guy. He turned this thing into a great opportunity to give back.

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Featured Image:  Hannah Foslien/Getty Images

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