Tonight We Say Goodbye To A Legend

Tonight, we are saying goodbye to a legend. Pat Foley is just about to begin his final game as the voice of the Chicago Blackhawks and I am not ready. Foley is one of the founding pillars of my love for hockey. He made every game interesting to listen to. I don’t like a lot of commentators but Foley and Pat Hughes of the Chicago Cubs have formed my love for their respective sports. I grew up hanging onto every single word they said.

Foley has been the voice of the Blackhawks for 39 years and it’s not going to be the same without him. He makes the broadcasts so lively and happy, I’m going to miss hearing his voice every game. When he announced, it was like listening to your grandpa call the game. It was simply the best. I’m going to give this new guy a chance but I will miss Pat every single second. Especially him with Eddie O.

He gave a lovely speech to the city of Chicago before tonight’s game began:

The end made me tear up, I will not lie.

Then, Pat Foley joined his longtime partner Eddie Olczyk in the booth and I started crying all over again. You could always tell that these two were genuine friends and they made each game so much fun. I know that by the end of this game, I’ll be a puddle of tears as these two have to say goodbye to one another. Sure, they’re definitely going to remain friends and talk but this is the end of an era. I am not emotionally prepared.

Currently, the Hawks are tied 1-1 with the Sharks in the early first, I hope they come back and win this one for Pat. He deserves to go out on a high note after 39 years of kicking ass. I’ll miss him every single day. Congratulations Pat Foley, thanks for creating my love for hockey and being my hockey grandpa.

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