Evander Kane’s Ex-Wife Anna Steps In To Help Ryan Hartman Pay Fine He Received For Flipping Evander The Bird

Last night, Ryan Hartman lived out one of my dreams when he flipped the bird at Evander Kane. We all know Evander is a scum bag, who wouldn’t want to give him the finger? I do every time he’s on my television. Hartman however got the pleasure of doing it to his face after a scrum broke out in the Wild vs Oilers game last night. While the officials were skating the two to separate ends of the ice, the camera captures Hartman yelling “fuck you” at Kane a few times while giving him the middle finger salute.

Chiclets jokingly captioned it as a meeting with Player Safety, seeing as everything is a meeting with PS these days, but the actual Player Safety did fine Hartman for this. He got fined a whopping $4,250, the maximum under the CBA, for unsportsmanlike conduct. And pals, that isn’t all!

Earlier today, Kane’s ex-wife Anna Kane posted on her Instagram story that she sent $200 to Ryan Hartman to help him pay his fine!

I have been crying laughing about this from the moment I saw it. First of all, everyone is allowed to give Evander Kane the finger, that guy sucks. He’s a scum bag, plenty of people in and outside the league don’t like him for good reasons. Anna Kane is a fucking queen for sending money to Hartman and then posting about it on her public story. You go girl, get Kane for all the money he has left. Also good on Ryan Hartman, a hometown hero to me, for not only trying to beat Kane’s ass but also giving us this beautiful shot:

Ryan Hartman is a good guy so I wouldn’t be surprised if by later today we saw some screenshot of him sending the money back. I shouldn’t be shocked he was fined for this, it was on camera, but there have been guys who have gotten off scot-free from other shit. Either way, you go, Ryan Hartman, tell him how ya really feel.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from Chiclet's Tweet

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