NHL Schedule Maker Strikes Again

How? Simply, how? Oh to be the NHL schedule maker, so disillusioned with time while somehow getting paid to make a schedule.

Today, there was one (1) NHL game played. It happened at 6PM between the mediocre Winnipeg Jets and the second-to-last-in-the-LEAGUE Montreal Canadiens. On any given day of the week, that’s a meh mashup in my book that I’m most likely skipping. And that was the one lone game played today in the NHL. Sure it got interesting, it was tied 2-2 at one point but, a surprise to no one, Winnipeg won 4-2. Still, a pretty lame way to start the week with one NHL game on a Monday evening. An even lamer way is to have one game on Monday and fourteen (14) on Tuesday.

I’ve spent a good majority of my day trying to figure out why this made sense in someone’s mind. There are always other sports to compete with on a Monday so maybe the NHL didn’t want to compete with those or ESPN was like kick rocks, we’re putting on a different sport, maybe the arenas were booked – there could be a million reasons BUT whatever the reason is, it’s a stupid reason. How the hell are you going to schedule a single game in the early evening of a Monday and then pack in 14 games in a 3-hour time span on Tuesday?

I want to smoke whatever the NHL schedule maker is smoking because that has to be out of this world.

Sure, we’ll have a lot of hockey tomorrow night but it’s almost an overwhelming amount of games. Especially when 5 of them start at 6PM CT. Not to mention that it just makes absolutely no sense to do this, you are literally the schedule maker. I just can’t believe someone didn’t look over this schedule and go “uhh, hey maybe we could move one or five of these Tuesday games to Monday?” This is an overview of the number of games to be played in the NHL this week:

So not only will we have a boring Monday night with little hockey, that will happen again on Friday when there are just 2 games to be played that day, and both games start at 6PM CT too. Want to know what the kicker is? This happens AGAIN in two weeks! On Monday, April 25th, just the Flyers and Blackhawks will play at 7PM. I am a fan of both teams and I mean it when I say that game will probably blow chunks considering both teams are basically out of the playoffs and disastrous. Then the very next day, Tuesday, April 26th, we will have 13 NHL games played.

Nothing makes sense, time is a flat circle, death is inevitable. NHL Schedule Maker: tell your dealer I wanna try whatever it is that helped you come up with this monstrosity of a schedule.

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