Bobby Brink Signs With Flyers The Day After Winning the Natty

I got a lot of emotions about this one, give me a second.

Today, the Philadelphia Flyers have signed their 2019 34th overall pick Bobby Brink to a three-year entry-level contract. Brink just yesterday helped the University of Denver bring home the NCAA Championship title in a 5-1 win over Minnesota State, who I was rooting for. He was a key part of this Denver team. Over the course of his last collegiate season, he put up 57 points (14G 43A) in 41 games played. His 43 assists led the NCAA and he was the top points man by the end of the season with a healthy 7 point lead over Nathan Smith in 2nd.

To start, I am elated for him to start his pro career and hopefully be a future part of this team. He’s a phenomenal player, that much is evident. He’s got a great hockey IQ, always finding ways to make things happen, and obviously, he can rack in points. With that comes the truth that he’s still got some developments to make in his game. That being said, it is also incredibly clear that the Flyers are not great when it comes to player development. We’ve seen time and time again that they have a hard time getting their prospects on track to actually make a difference for the organization. It’s one reason I am nervous about this.

–Not to mention, my favorite college team got eliminated by Denver and I’m still a little salty. That’s here nor there, back to the plot–

I really want him to join this team and start kicking ass. That would be a great boost for the Flyers even if they’re not making the playoffs. To still have a little hope about the future and what we’re going to be getting from him, I’m excited for that to start. I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets a few games in the AHL before coming up, it makes sense just to get his feet wet instead of throwing him right to the wolves. Let him get a game or two, get comfy, then come up and help us add a few wins on the season. I’m excited for him to be a Flyer and I couldn’t be happier for him as his childhood dream is about to come true, but I am still going to be nervous watching how the Flyers handle his development.

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