Kreider Nets His 48th Goal Of The Season

With a goal tonight, Chris Kreider has 48 goals in 73 games this season and the man does not look to be slowing down yet. In his 10 years in the NHL, Kreider has never had 48 goals before. The most he had in a season was back in the 2016-17 and 2018-19 seasons when he put up 28 goals. This year he kicked things up to a whole other level.

Maybe his hair is giving him some added magic, maybe he switched up his diet- whose to say. Whatever he’s doing, it’s working. He has 69 (nice) points in 73 games played, 48 are goals and the other 21 are assists. This season has been incredible to him, he’s been boosting the Rangers to new heights. The Rangers are currently 2nd in the Metropolitan, 46-20-6 on the season with about 10 games to go. They’re currently beating the Senators 4-1 in the third period so Kreider has time to get goal 49 in this one. He will without a doubt get 50 on this season. There’s enough time left and he’s been playing real well. I love this for Kreider who has worked his ass for the Rangers since his first NHL game.

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Featured Image: New York Rangers Twitter

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