The Dream Team Is Officially Over

Not only do I have to deal with the heartbreaking OT loss from last night, now I have to deal with all of my favorite Michigan players getting spread out across the NHL.

Last night, following that excruciatingly long and fruitless OT that cost the University of Michigan their bid at the NCAA Championship, I promptly got on two trains. One took me to the Métra Station and the other took my to my favorite hometown bar where I promptly threw back 4 whisky’s with my best friend in the seat to my left, dealing with my sulking.

It didn’t help. Then today, as is what always happens, multiple Michigan players have signed their first NHL contracts and are well in their way to playing in the Show. Which, A: good for them. These kids are like 20 and they’re going to be making more money in the next 3 years than I’ll make in my lifetime. This is their life long dream come true.

But B: this shit STINGS just knowing I’ll never see that lineup play as one again. I believed in this team with everything in me and it sucks that it ends like this.

Not to mention, I’m not a fan of any of these teams.

Owen Power signed a three-year contract with Buffalo that is a goldmine:

I think whenever Power starts playing with Buffalo it’ll be an immediate game changer. He’s just that good.

Power is not the only one who signed the dotted line today, Kent Johnson and Nick Blankenburg both signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets. Blankenburg is on a one-year deal while Johnson signed a three-year. Both of these guys were incredible leaders for the Blue and Gold so I just know they’ll do great things in Columbus. My beef is I am not a Columbus Blue Jackets fan but I adore both of these players. It’s gonna be weird to see them outside the Wolverine jerseys. Here’s a breakdown of both their contracts:

Over the course of the ne t few days were going to be hearing more about a lot of NHL prospects futures, wether they’ll return to college or move onto the NHL/AHL. These 3 specifically were like a woke up call. Michigans season is really over and they’ll never have a team this stacked (probably) ever again. They had a change at the Title and it failed. Sure I’m excited for all the players to go on and start kickass careers but they dream team will never be back together.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to cry into another Whisky about it. Go Blue.

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