Matthews Jumps Ahead In Scoring Race Thanks To A Hatty

What can you say, the man just plays in 4’s. Auston Matthews scored 3 goals and registered one assist in the Leafs’ 6-2 decimation of Tampa tonight. The other night I was saying Leon Draisaitl is going to win the Rocket but let me remind you all that I am the biggest mush in the world. Sorry, Leon.

Anywho, Matthews scored 3 goals tonight which pushes his season total to 54 goals. He tied Rick Vaive, a Leafs’ player from 1979-1987, for the most goals scored by a Maple Leaf in a season and there are still 13 games left.

With 54 goals, that puts him 4 goals ahead of Draisaitl in the scoring race. Matthews also had an assist, bringing his season total to 38. He’s got 92 points on the season while Draisaitl has 101, both Edmonton and Toronto have quite a few games left. Watching these two (hopefully) keep up this pace into the playoffs is going to be interesting. The Rocket isn’t the only trophy at the awards show, hopefully, their competitive, booming spirits will help their teams have some playoff luck for once.

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