Brady Tkachuk Takes Some Time To Give Back To His Biggest Fans

You cannot hate Brady Tkachuk. It’s impossible.

Today, the Ottawa Senators smacked around the Detroit Red Wings with a 5-2 win. Josh Norris scored his first career hat trick, against his hometown team might I add, with 2 goals in the second period and one in the third.

Meanwhile, Captain Brady Tkachuk registered 2 assists, 7 hits, and 17:51 in time on the ice. He earned himself third star of the game and that’s not all. After the game, Tkachuk went out and played some street hockey with the kids in his neighborhood who have been so supportive of him since the day he moved in.

That’s why Brady Tkachuk is captain material. Didn’t even stop inside to take off his game suit. You can tell he genuinely cares about these kids, he cares about giving them some great childhood memories. You sincerely can’t hate Brady Tkachuk, it’s impossible. Dude just played almost 20 minutes in an NHL game and he’s still taking the time out of his day to go and make these kids’ day. That’s why he’s captain now.

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