Trevor Zegras Gets ANOTHER Lacrosse Goal!

Trevor Zegras just had back-to-back highlight-reel goal attempts.

The 21-year-old never fails to make things interesting. In an attempt on the Coyote’s goaltender Karel Vejmelka, Zegras first goes to get a Tkachuck-esque, between-the-legs goal on one side. The puck bounces right back onto his stick and he wraps around the net to score the Michigan way. Not only does he have to wrap around the net to score, he also has to go around his buddy Sam Milano who is standing right next to the net. Sonny does the right thing and stays as still as a tree so Zegras can pull off the goal.

This is Trevor’s second lacrosse goal of the season, and probably not his last. I think by the end of his career, he’ll lead the NHL in most lacrosse goals. Well that or by the time the NHL bans them because they hate fun. The Ducks are currently leading the Yotes 4-0 at the end of the second.

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Featured Image:  Anaheim Ducks Twitter

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