Jonathan Toews Finally Hits The 1,000th Game Mark

In just over a year, we have seen the 1,000th games of two Chicago legends. First Patrick Kane, who celebrated his 1,000th game in March of last year. Now, a full year later we are here celebrating Jonathan Toews‘s 1,000th NHL Game.

Just today, fourteen years into his NHL career, Toews hit the 1,000 mark with a game against the Florida Panthers. The now 33-year-old has played all of those games with one team, a good number of them he has been captain for. Across those 1,000, he has put up 844 points, 355 goals and 489 assists. He’s won three Stanley Cups, one Art Ross, one Conn Smythe, one Selke, and one Messier. He’s been lucky enough to play almost every game alongside his buddy and legend Patrick Kane. Toews has had to battle through a lot of injuries to hit this mark. He missed all of last season and no one knew if he was going to ever come back. Then he did and he isn’t the same center we’ve known and loved since we were kids.

There’s no hiding that he’s age and he doesn’t play that same role he did when he was lighting up the league in his 20s. He still puts in the time, averages about 17 minutes a night. He’s still the captain here and he will be until at least the end of this year. Thank God we don’t have to live like Giroux fans, watch him play his 1,000th game and then immediately ship him to Florida. The Hawks will be full out celebrating the captain once they get to play at home after this road trip. Hopefully, their gameplay in that one is better than their game tonight where Florida flattened them 0-4. I’m excited for that game, it’ll be an emotional ceremony beforehand I’m sure. For now, here’s some Tazer content for you:

Fun fact, I used to watch the video above when I was in high school track and now I feel old as hell that it is 6 years old:

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Featured Image: Chicago Blackhawks Twitter

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