Draisaitl Hits 49 Goals While McDavid Collects His 100th Point

Leon Draisaitl has 49 goals so far this season. He’s not the only one, Auston Matthews also has 49 goals this season but he’s at 85 points meanwhile Draisaitl is just 3 points away from 100 in just 68 games.

I like Matthews a lot, he’s a great goal scorer but I think Draisaitl will win the Rocket Richard this season. There is no stopping him. Draisaitl and Connor McDavid have been battling for top point scorers in the league. McDavid just hit 100 points in 67 games this season so I’m sure he’ll finish first in points but Draisaitl can definitely get top in goals.

He scores like he breathes air, just a natural when it comes to getting the puck into the back of the net. He and the Oilers have had to deal with a lot of ups and downs this season but he has remained consistent. Here are his first 20 goals of the season:

The Oilers are currently tied with the Kings, 3-3 in the late second period. McDavid scored another goal but it got called back. I’m sure he’ll get another goal in this one, same with Draitsaitl. I got a good feeling that he’ll pass Matthews tonight and get that 50th. Will the Oilers win this one? I got money on no but they still have McDavid and Draitsaitl winning awards and lighting it up.

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