Roope Hintz Helps Dallas Bounce Back And Beat Ducks

Dallas Stars hockey is down to the wire. Their biggest moments happen when they’re backed against the wall in the final minutes. At this point, that is as much of the team’s identity as its logo. Tonight they proved that one more with a real tight game against the Anaheim Ducks.

Radek Faksa originally gave Dallas a head start with the first goal of the game 14:05 into the first period.

The Stars kept that lead until Derek Grant of the Ducks tied it 3:54 into the second. Then Troy Terry added his 31st goal of the season to give the Ducks a 1-2 lead throughout the second period. The Stars had 10 shots on net that period but they just couldn’t crack Josh Gibson in those 20 minutes.

Trailing 1-2 is not a great place to be going into the final period but like I said, the Stars found a way to duke it out and win the game 3-2. Roope Hintz was the one to tie things up 8:28 into the period. That was Roope’s 29th goal this season, he’s blowing his career-high of 19 goals in 60 games out of the water.

Jacob Peterson was the one to grab the Stars this win at the 12:36 mark. That’s his second goal in two games and his 12th goal this season. He is doing incredible in his rookie season.

The Stars needed to bounce back from their 1-4 loss to the Canucks a few days ago. They’re now 37-25-3 on the season and they will be staying in Anaheim to play the Ducks again on Thursday. I hope they keep this great goal scoring and tending up through then. They’re very focused on keeping in playoff contention, avoiding that end-of-season-spinout they usually hit. Things are looking alright, I’m not worried about them like I have in the past. So now we just wait till Thursday and go Duck hunting again.

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Featured Image: Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

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