Take A Shot Every Time Ben Barnes Says Bussy

SOMEWHERE IN WISCONSIN – I am on vacation so you know what that means,: Blogs about random shit. I am also taking a social media break so I don’t even know what’s happening in the hockey world. Patrick Kane could be a Predator right now and I am none the wiser. Hopefully not. Anyway, into the blog–

I am on a Ben Barnes kick. I will not tell a lie, he has consumed everything in my life right now. And this video, this video cracks me u every single time. This beautiful, wholesome posh Brit reading some of the most unhinged sentences on the entirety of Twitter that are about himself is laugh-out-loud funny every single time. I don’t know why he felt the need to say “Buss yo children in my bussy sir” six times but it is GOLD. I am literally in the car with my best friend driving to Wisconsin and we paused the music to play this video out loud. It’s funny every single time.

Sweet, sweet angel from heaven above.

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Featured Image:  Screenshot from the video

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