Flyers Win For Giroux’s 1,000th Game

The Flyers pulled off a win in Claude Giroux’s 1,000th game as a Flyer. THANK GOD.

The night began with plenty of festivities to celebrate the caption, as they should.

The Flyers pulled off a 5-4 win over the Predators when celebrating Claude. For a while it seemed like they were out of this one until Kevin Hayes tied it with 5 minutes left. Joel Farabee was the one to score the one to score that winning goal in pure Joel fashion:

So yes, the Flyers win but it might come at a cost:

If the Flyers would have traded Giroux while I was sat in my bar stool at my hometown bar, I would have SOBBED. I still might. From right after his 1,000th game, you just send him off. However, I think it’s time to accept that this may be it.

I want Claude Giroux to win a Cup. I just want him to so so bad win it in Philly, but I can’t handle it anywhere else. I hope he ends up in Colorado more than anywhere else. Regardless, he’ll kill it but for now he’s a Flyer and I’m going to cherish that. Enjoy:

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Featured Image: Philadelphia Flyers Twitter

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