US Falls To Canada In OT of Post Gold-Medal Game Rematch

Marie-Philip Poulin just can’t stop stabbing me in the heart.

Today there was a goal medal game rematch between Team USA and Team Canada in Pittsburgh and, you guessed it, Canada came out the victors once more. Both sides kept things even for a good chunk of the match, a surprise to no one who has ever watched these teams play.

Before the end of the first, things were tied at one thanks to Blayre Turnbull of Canada and Hilary Knight of the US.

Into the second period, similar things happened. Turnbull picked up her second goal of the game from a deflected Jocelyn Larocque shot. The US, once again, answered quickly with a goal from Hannah Brandt and things stayed tied again heading into the final frame.

The final frame kept the pressure on both sides. This time the US scored first, grabbing their first lead in the game. Hayley Scamurra nailed the perfect shot on a second chance. And if you’ve been following the theme of this blog – and really any US vs Canada game – it took almost no time for the Canadians to get even. Jamie Lee Rattray teamed up with Captain Poulin to tie this game up and inevitably send us to OT.

It only took about halfway through OT for Captin Clutch to live up to her name. Poulin, ever the American Dream Killer, scored a rocket and Team Canada won this game 4-3 in OT.

These games never fail to be high-scoring and intense and this was just another installment of that. It was incredible to see these teams lace up in a pretty packed NHL arena, I wish I could have been there to feel it myself. This will be the last time we see a US vs Canada game for a bit but the PWHPA does have some tournaments coming up so you can tune in and watch those to see some of your favorite players. On the 26th of this month, the PWHPA’s Toronto and Montreal teams will be meeting in Ontario to face off against one another.

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