Nicklas Bäckström Joins 1,000 Point Club

Nicklas Bäckström has just collected his 1,000th career point in the NHL. He started the night at 998 career points, 262 goals and 736 assists. The 34-year-old veteran put up his 999th career point in the early second period with this incredible spin-o-rama goal to open the scoring.

How the hell does he do that so effortlessly? He barely has his eyes on the puck for a second before he finds a way to get it to the back of the net. Luck? Nah. Swedish magic.

Then, to start the third period, his assist on TJ Oshie’s goal tipped him into the 1,000th points club. It makes complete sense that it would be an assist to get him there seeing as he is the Capitals’ all-time leader in assists with now 737.

1,037 NHL games, 263 goals, and 737 assists have all led Nicke to this point. He’s an absolutely phenomenal player and person, he helps lead this team on and off the ice. There’s still plenty of time left in the Capitals and Oilers game for him to get his 1,001st point as well. He broke quite a few records with this one:

Congratulations to Nicklas Bäckström, this guy deserves all the love for such a kick-ass career.

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