Riley Tufte Scores His First NHL Goal Against His Hometown Team

Via Giphy

In November of 2021, Riley Tufte was scratched in what would be his first NHL game against his hometown team the Minnesota Wild. That villain, Rick Bowness scratched him right before the game when he has a crowd of family and friends waiting to see him play. He spent all the money he had and even borrowed some to afford the tickets.

Now, in the words of Raymond Holt, VINDICATION!

Dallas played the Wild in Minnesota once again today and Riley Tufte scored his first NHL goal against his hometown team.

I’m so happy for him. I wish he could have done this back in November but alas I am happy it happened. I hope his family was at least in the crowd to see him do this. So suck on that one, Rick Bowness, you’re still a villain in my book. Dallas pulled out a big win here and Jason Robertson had another hat trick, which I will be blogging about shortly so stay tuned.

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Featured Image:  Dallas Stars Twitter

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