Jason Robertson Puts On An Absolute Show In His 100th NHL Game

Mark my words, Jason Robertson is going to be a superstar one day. This kid, in the two seasons he’s been a main player on this Stars’ roster, has been absolutely ridiculous to watch. Tonight he did it again. In his 100th NHL game, he puts up 3 goals for his first career hat trick, one of which is the OT GWG that is so unbelievable you just have to watch.

First, his other goals. His opening goal in the first period was nothing short of sexy. The stick handling, the control he had with that puck, oh my good God.

Insanity. Into the second period, Winnipeg bites back and ties it but fear not, in swoops Robertson with another great goal to give Dallas the lead once more. This goal is silky smooth like you read about on ya mum’s shaving cream. Catches the pass, goes five-hole like it’s nothin’.

Winnipeg jumped back in the third and took the lead. Denis Gurianov, a man I have said numerous times that I’d name my firstborn child after, scored a goal to tie things up and give Dallas a fighting chance in OT.

Who else but Robo to deliver in the dying seconds of overtime. The ending. THE ENDING!

What a night for an incredible kid. 100th game, 43rd NHL goal, 11th GWG – his 8th of the season. He’s a guy you can count on to go out there and do impressive things every night. He is going to develop into something really special as he keeps playing. Great win for the Stars as a whole, classic Stars game too – they’re leading for most of it and then somehow go to OT after giving up multiple 3rd-period goals. A win is a win and I can’t wait for next game.

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